CAT M4 Tool

CAT M-4 Tool

The original AR-15 bolt carrier group carbon scraper tool. Trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, and gun enthusiasts everywhere.

Say goodbye to the carbon caked on your bolt.

Stay Frosty. Stay Safe.

AR-15 Talon Lug Scraper

The first of its kind lug scraper and bolt carrier recess cleaning tool. Designed for .223/5.56 rifles. Includes an 8/32 thread for wire brush attachments.

Perfect for completing your AR-15 cleaning kit.

Prepare. Protect. Preserve.

Prepare. Protect. Preserve.

CAT Pro Rifle Slings

This two point rifle sling enables you to easily and comfortably carry your gun – Engineered for high quality performance, this no swivels combat sling is made from mil-spec materials for supreme durability.

Made in the USA

Trusted by professionals around the world

At CAT Outdoors, we understand the challenges faced by military forces, police officers, civil defenses, and gun owners when it comes to keeping equipment clean and being ready for the worst case scenarios. That’s why agencies around the world, Navy Seals, Army Rangers, police officers, armories, border patrol, and other badasses trust our products. We prepare for the worst with the best tools and equipment.